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What Do You Think?

SAC wants to know what you think!

It is time to let us know how you feel things are going at PRA by participating in our Annual Parent Survey!

When can I do it? Anytime through Tuesday, February 21st

How long will it take? SAC worked to reduce the number of items on the surveys; we expect it to take 15 minutes. We ask that families complete one Academic Survey for each child attending PRA — obviously, it will take longer to complete three Academic Surveys than one.

Can I pause in process and return later? Unfortunately, not. You need to dedicate about 15 minutes of uninterrupted time and just go for it. There will be a link to the Academic Surveys when you reach the end of the Operations Survey. If you happen to exit after the Operations Survey, please contact Becky Bonner (bbonner@prak8.org) to get access to the Academic Surveys.

What if I just complete the Operations Survey? Well, SAC certainly appreciates any feedback they get; however, your child(ren) may be disappointed that you didn’t complete the Academic Surveys. Elementary grades (K-5) are awarded with Parties and/or Shoe-Sock of Choice for reaching 80% participation rates in the Academic Surveys, and 6th-8th Grades will earn a BONUS Dress of Choice for 80% participation. Who wants to be the parent who keeps his/her child’s class from earning a class prize? It’s a WIN-WIN to participate!

How do I access the survey? Follow this mobile-friendly link: 2016-17 Parent Survey

Platte River Academy’s SAC appreciates your time and feedback!